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Dakota FA-501

We supply all of the most effective Directional Speakers available on the market

No single directional speaker will satisfy all the possible requirements of controlling sound. This is why we have assembled the widest range of directional speakers available – from ultrasonic to sound domes to directional sound bars.

There are a number of factors that determine which speaker will suit your requirements best. Ambient sound level, the size of the target audio field, and the installation constraints will all affect the final selection.

Our experience across 15 years of supplying these speakers across the UK, Europe and Middle East gives us the edge over companies with little knowledge of the wide variety of directional speakers available.

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Media Players

We have a range of media players for all types of installations. Most allow a variety of different trigger inputs, and remote management.

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Low profile 24″ flat panel speaker system that is custom built to cover 4 people sitting at a table


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