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Smallest directional sound dome

With a diameter of just 20″, the Solo dome allows installation in tighter spaces whilst providing a great isolated experience.

Available for Hire
Cartier dome speakers

Size matters

Smaller can be better

With a 20″ diameter, the Solo Dome not only has smaller dimensions, but also less weight which can be a factor if multiple domes are hung off one structure. The hire unit comes complete with the matched amplifier.

Solo dome install for ASUS

Hire only

Perfect for a quick installation

As the smaller domes are not manufactured at this size any longer, we were lucky to purchase a large amount of them for our hire stock. We have successfully used up to 14 of them in one event space in London, showcasing both their versatility and their sound control

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Installation options

The domes can be hung from any height with steel wire and Gripple kits and due to their low weight can be added to many lighting trusses etc. Alternatively there are floor, wall and ceiling mounts available or any custom mounts can be put together quite simply.

Separate amplifier

As the dome speakers are passive, the small Class D amplifier can be hidden away easily and just requires one cable to be run to the speaker itself through the central dome mount. Great in retail environments such as Cartier and Porsche pop up shops.

Clear sound quality

As the domes use regular speakers firing upwards, the frequency response is better then some other directional speakers using more advanced audio manipulation.

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14 dB

Stereo Separation

10 dB

Listening Region

30"H x 12"W x 12"D (0.8m x 0.3m x 0.3m)


Minimum: 1 watts continuous per channel Maximum:50 watts peak per channel

Input Impedance

6 Ohms


102dB SPL 1 watt, 1 meter@ 1kHz

Frequency Response

150 Hz – 20KHz +/- 2bB*

Installation Options

PoleMount System Mounting Height Options From floor to bottom edge of dome: Sitting listener 6.5* or 7.5 feet (2 or 2.3m) Standing listener 7.5*, 8 or 9 feet (2.3, 2.4, or 2.7m) *Recommended mounting height

Physical Dimensions

Diameter: 32" (.8m) Height: 16" (.4m) Weight 17lbs. (7.7kg) Shipping Weight: 18lbs (8.2kg)

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