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Directional Audio

Whether you’re attending an event, launching a new product that needs to go off without a hitch and make an impression, or going about your day-to-day tasks, you’re in the business of making money.

And to make money, you need to deliver a standout experience.

Directional audio may be a complex technology in terms of how it works, but all you’re interested in is how it can benefit you. The answer? Directional Sound. It can engage customers, educating them about a product or service and persuading them to buy. It can sell them on an idea without them even realising it — because they’re too busy enjoying the experience. It can make such an impression on prospects that they tell others about it — people who come to check out what the fuss is about. All this means new opportunities to captivate and earn new leads.

Directional Audio isn’t a new audio company on the market looking to make its mark. We’ve been in the business of directional audio for over 15 years and we boast the widest range of directional sound systems in Europe. Our installations have taken us all over the globe, from installing permanent equipment in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Denmark to delivering temporary setups in Spain, France and Belgium.

Trusted by names including Google, Porsche, Cartier and Boeing, and with a fleet of audio technology available to buy or hire, we’re the go-to directional speaker company to create the solution your business needs.

Work in a Museum? Attending an Exhibition? Looking to Up Your Retail Game?

Deliver a Unique Experience with Directional Audio

Whatever your industry, service or product, you can benefit from directional sound systems. Use dome speakers in restaurant table configurations to increase return custom and deliver a new experience every time. Create themed areas using directional soundbars to create invisible walls that guests can move between. Use our range of audio accessories, including trigger mats and buttons, to play sound only when there’s someone there to hear it. Whatever you need, we can supply directional speakers for hire or for sale that put you in control of your sound.


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How Does the Process Work?

Wondering what to expect when you work with Directional Audio? We believe in making the experience as simple as possible. To get started, give us a call or get in touch by filling in our form. Tell us a bit about what you need — if you don’t know, tell us that too! — and we’ll jump on the phone to talk about your business, what you want to achieve, and your budget.

We are the only company in the world to have gathered all the best directional speakers in one place and set them up in our directional demo room. There is no substitute for hearing the speakers in action and making comparisons between the different options. Please do contact us if you’d like to come and experience the speakers.

We’ll make recommendations on the best type of directional audio that will help you achieve your goals and develop a solution that works for you. We’re not interested in selling you a product you don’t need or recommending that you buy a product when you would save more by hiring — we want you to trust us as the leader in directional audio because that’s the reputation we’ve earned, and we want to keep it!

Discover which directional speaker matches your requirements

Answer a few questions to learn what’s best for you…

Directional sound bars for Cummins

Comprehensive Service

We can also arrange for you to demo our products, so you really can try before you buy (or hire).

Once we’ve discussed what you need and you have a full understanding of what directional audio can and can’t do, we’ll give you a no-obligation quote. If you want to shop around, that’s fine, but we’re confident you won’t find a better deal or customer service.

Once you’ve received and installed your audio system (we can help you with that), all that’s left to do is start enjoying the benefits of directional audio for your business.

What our clients say about us

Directional Audio team

Meet Our Team

Directional Audio is made up of a team of specialists passionate about what they do and dedicated to delivering the best service in the industry. With our decades of expertise, you won’t be working with inexperienced audio technicians who don’t know their equaliser from their amplifier or their infrared beams from their sound waves.

Under the helm of Managing Director James Hunter, who has been working in the industry for 20 years, the Directional Audio team are the glue that holds our business together. This includes our Business Development Manager Jasmin Schol, who takes on a hands-on role keeping our customers happy at every stage of the buy or hire process, to Elliot Schofield, our Lead Installer, who ensures every installation goes smoothly and manages our team of expert technicians. Occasionally, and for reasons outside of our control, there can be the odd technical hiccup, but with our experienced team, you can be sure that all hell won’t break loose — our calm and professional team will have everything under control, allowing you to focus on your business.

  • Experts in our field
  • Widest range of directional sound systems in Europe
  • Options for purchase or hire