AS-24iX Audio Spotlight

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Audio Spotlight AS-24iX

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The largest ultrasonic speaker in the Audio Spotlight range

The increase in size, allows not only a larger target area, but also an increase in power and frequency response.

Available for Hire & purchase
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Useful additions

On board media player and optional IR trigger and/or bluetooth

All the Audio Spotlight range include a Micro SD card media player onboard as standard. This can be coupled with an IR trigger to play the card files on activation.

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Step in / Step out

Delight and surprise your listener

The tight beam of this speaker amazes all those who hear it. Due to the way the technology works, it feels as if the sound is being created in your head. Will make anyone stop and listen to your message

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Ultimate directionality

The Audio Spotlight range is engineered to provide a targeted sound beam – the size of which reflects the size of the panel itself. So the sound field for the AS-16iX is 16″ square. This is perfect for targeting a single person, but still allows some degree of flexibility in positioning. For installation where the head of the listener is more easily ascertained – such as when using a touch screen, the AS-168iX may be more suitable. For a versatile size consider the AS-16iX.

Complete solution

The connections and hardware included onboard the speaker make it a very versatile unit. The onboard MicroSD player can loop the audio, or by using the optional IR trigger, just play when the switch is triggered. There are inputs for balanced and unbalanced audio, and even a sub through socket, for adding an active subwoofer to the mix.

Simple installation

All the Audio Spotlight range use a VESA 100 bracket solution, of which there are many suitable variations available. The ability to install and just add power to the unit for a complete installation makes cable runs a thing of the past.

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Power Supply

Input: 100V-240V-50/60 Hz Output: 30V DC @ 1.5 amps


Black - Standard White - Standard


Speaker dimensions: 23.75 x 23.75 x 2.125 inches


Max audio SPL output: (single emitter) 100dB @ 1.5 kHz/2 meters

Unit weight

7.4 pounds (3.4 kg) (per complete system)

Frequency response

300 Hz to 18kHz

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