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Directional Audio | Full range of directional speakers
The full range of directional speakers available to buy and hire in the UK
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Our speaker range

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Ultrasonic speakers

The most directional speakers available.

Sound Showers

Ceiling or wall mounted flat panel speakers

Dome speakers

Brandable acrylic domes with targetted sound delivery

Directional Soundbars

Wall mountable sound bars in wide variety of sizes

Overhead Arrays

Ceiling speakers with improved sound quality

Transducer Speakers

Small “vibration“ speakers with low output.


Infra red

Infra red

We have both large and small format infra red triggers which will work with our range of media players.

Push Buttons

Push Buttons

Small aluminium buttons ideal for option selection.

Floor mat

Floor mat

For use under vinyl/carpet to trigger events.

Media Players
DSU 500 Media Player

DSU 500 Media Player

The DSU 500 is available for hire or sale. Flash memory means reliability and long term playback. These players were used on an event for Audi which went on for 6 months.
iDal Microplayer

iDal Microplayer

SD card based playback with internal amplifier if required. Multiple trigger inputs available.
Truss clamp

Truss clamp

Clamp for attaching speakers to truss bars