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The most flexible directional sound bar speaker

Creates a tightly focused beam of sound 4’ wide. Can be used in a variety of applications, delivering good quality sound within a well targeted field

Available for Hire & purchase
SB-47 Soundbeam on Cummins Exhibition stand

Flagship model

Ultimate flexibilty

The SB-47 has been used on a wide variety of applications from above circular video walls at Farnborough Air Show, to fashion museums, to step and repeat walls at the Brit Awards.

SB-47 Soundbeam in MOMA gallery


Not just a bar speaker

By hanging the speaker from the ceiling, the attributes of the off-axis directionality can be used to control the sound from spilling to the side, whilst still creating a large full range sound field. We have used these speakers at Nike in London with a custom directional subwoofer to great effect.

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Sound quality

The largest sound bar we stock means the sound, whilst still tightly controlled, is extremely good. The beam is about 4ft across and will throw to about 15ft

Large hire stock

We stock a large amount of the SB-47 in our hire stock due both to it’s sound quality and it’s adaptability for fulfilling different briefs.

Extra options

Using the Myriad amplifier means we can add in options on purchases such as Smart Volume, SD Card players and triggers when required.

  • Experts in our field
  • Widest range of directional sound systems in Europe
  • Options for purchase or hire



Standard amp delivers audio in mono; can be wired for stereo for additional cost. Customize with Myriad for SmartVolume capabilities and sensor options.

Stereo Separation

6 dB.

Frequency Response

150Hz – 20kHz, +/- 2dB

Amplifier Power Requirements

Minimum: 1 watt per channel Maximum: 100 watts peak per channe


100 dB SPL 1 watt, 1 meter


8Ω Stereo, 4Ω Mono

Physical Dimensions

1194mm W x 139mm H x 116mm D


Grommets on the back of the speaker. Mounting bracket available. Weight 4.6kg

Power Supply

17 Vac 1.25 Amp 120 Vac external wall pack supplied 100 Vac and 220 Vac available

Discover which directional speaker matches your requirements

Answer a few questions to learn what’s best for you…

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