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Using directional speakers for privacy through Covid screens

With perspex screens being used in so many medical environments, the problem of transmission of personal information discreetly is becoming a big problem.

In a typical GP surgery, A&E dept and indeed most medical practices, perspex screens have been added to ensure safety from transmission of Covid-19. Whilst this is undoubtably a sensible precaution, it has caused difficulties for both staff and patients in speaking loud enough to be heard through the screen without broadcasting the details and issues of the patient.

Window intercom system

Standard solution using window intercom system:

Used in banks for many years, these systems use standard loud speakers that allow both parties to be heard. Unfortunately they are not ideal for the transmission of sensitive medical data as the sound waves are broadcast widely to anyone nearby. When there is a low ambient sound space such as a doctors surgery the sound can be easily heard across the room.

Ultrasonic directional speakers in medical installations

Upgraded solution using ultrasonic directional speakers

When privacy is vital, then these small ultra directional speakers are used in the system to allow only the person directly in front of the speaker to hear. By taking away the standard speakers and replacing them with a super directional replacement, we can ensure that only the patient can hear the information. On the nurse/reception side we can either deploy another directional speaker for increased privacy, and ease of hearing if there are several speech points, or we can use standard speakers as the sound will not be spread towards the general public.

The system can also be specified with a hearing loop addition so that those with hearing aids can simply switch their aids for perfect reception of the information.

What’s included?

  • Full duplex system – speak normally as you would face to face
  • Reception side controls – for volume and mic cut off
  • Screen or ceiling mounted directional speaker
  • Good quality mics on both sides for the best intelligibility.
  • Super private conversations on both sides of the screen


We have already installed the pilot version in a MRI suite in a Newcastle hospital with fantastic results.


This gives a great solution for all medical environments and means the end to shouting across the perspex divide.

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