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Eurostar Security

Dakota MA-4 bar speaker

Security checkpoints can be a difficult place to get your message across. With a lot of information to be given out to help the customers flow through the space, visual signs aren’t enough. Eurostar Security were looking for a permanent solution to assist their staff in their activities.  We installed several different types of speaker in various parts of the control area, to work out which worked best in each space. These included the Dakota MA-4, Audio Spotlight AS-24iX, and the SB-47 bar speaker.

After assessing the results form the week long trial, we decided to start (Phase 1) with the simplest area, which was the end of the X-ray belt. Customers were asked via signs to replace their trays after use, but usually ignored the request. This meant a member of staff was required to constantly move the trays out of the tray, when they could have been working far more productively on other jobs.

We installed Dakota MA-4 18″ bar speakers at the end of the roller bed, and within minutes of installation noticed a massive change to customer behaviour. The speakers – triggered by an IR sensor to a media player – give out a clear message at the exact point where the customer can react, and the tray issue was drastically reduced. Eurostar were extremely pleased with the results of this phase, and we are progressing to installation of the next phase shortly.

Dakota MA4 speaker installed in St Pancras terminal for Eurostar
Dakota MA-4 directional sound bar in St Pancras London

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