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Directional Audio | Dakota FA-602
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Dakota FA-602



  • Dakota Audio FA-602 Directional Audio array is the smaller version (24 inches square) of the FA-501. The FA-602 is unique in that it directs the audio signal at an a fifteen degree angle to one side of the focused speaker instead of straight down as the FA-501 does.

    The FA-602’s steered audio signal is especially useful when installing in a post construction environment or when used in a suspended or acoustic tile ceiling. In these situations the ceiling grid seldom lines up with the desired coverage on the floor. With the 15 degree offset, a location can usually be found in the ceiling grid that will provide satisfactory coverage on the floor.

    The FA-602 produces a oval sound pattern.  The FA-602 has become our best seller, largely because of the oval pattern.  Adults tend to stand back from an exhibit.  Children tend to stand as close as possible.  The oval pattern provides coverage for the whole family while reducing  side-to-side sound spill.