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Directional Audio | Dakota MA5 Directional Speaker
Compact directional soundbar with improved bass response
Dakota Audio, MA5, soundbar, directional, array
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Dakota MA5



  • The pattern control is good side-to-side, while the vertical pattern is very wide.This gives good sonic isolation between displays while providing good coverage of the listeners regardless of their height.To further reduce the visible element of the MA-5, the amplifier (0.9 inches / 22 mm x  5 inches / 127 mm x 3.25 inches / 82mm) is remote from the speaker array, connected by a multi-conductor cable (supplied).
  • Audio input is line level, transformer isolated. The amplifier has two line-level inputs. The first input is balanced, transformer isolated.
  •  The second input is a 3.5mm mini-jack which accepts stereo inputs and automatically combines them to mono.In typical applications, the Mini-arrays are mounted horizontally directly above or below a video or touch screen.  If a very large screen is used in portrait mode, we recommend two speaker arrays, mounted at the top and bottom of the display. The amplifier has two outputs and will drive two speaker arrays.